PIKEPASS Stickers are permanently mounted to windshields and have a very high accuracy for reads when mounted properly. If the windshield or microchip in the PIKEPASS is not damaged the PIKEPASS Sticker can last the life of the vehicle.
You have four options: (1) Call the Customer Service Center at 1-800-745-3727 (2) Stop by one of the three full service stores in Oklahoma City or Tulsa (3) Go to one of our Limited Service Facility partners around the state (4) Set up and use an online account through pikepass.com.
There are currently no fees for the PIKEPASS Sticker. However, there is a $25 fee for the PIKEPASS Portable.
No. It must be mounted directly to the glass windshield to ensure it will read throughout the turnpike system. The windshield acts as an antenna.
For most vehicles, refer to our “mounting instructions”. The PIKEPASS Sticker must be mounted correctly and directly to the windshield to ensure it will read properly throughout the system.

Certain vehicles have windshields that are not suited for PIKEPASS Stickers. See our Problem Windshield List.
The microchip technology will be damaged if the PIKEPASS Sticker is bent. In addition, peeling the PIKEPASS Sticker from the windshield will also cause damage. If you damage it during installation, please contact us for a replacement.
Contact us immediately so it can be deactivated and a replacement PIKEPASS Sticker issued.
Yes. However, the PIKEPASS Sticker must be activated prior to use. Contact the Customer Service Center at 1-800-745-3727 and provide the PIKEPASS Sticker number along with the vehicle license plate so that both can be added to your account. You will need to open a PIKEPASS account if you do not have one.
You have three options:

  1. Peel the PIKEPASS Sticker from the windshield and destroy it or
  2. Leave it on the windshield. Then contact the Customer Service Center at 1-800-745-3727 as soon as possible during business hours to deactivate it. If you have sold the vehicle and you leave it on the windshield, the PIKEPASS Sticker can be reactivated by the next vehicle owner and added to their account.
  3. Use your PIKEPASS online account to remove it.
Yes, if you do not want to use a PIKEPASS Sticker, you may choose to use a PIKEPASS Portable. There is a one-time $25 fee. The Portable uses the same new technology as the Sticker and can be moved between vehicles of the same class that are listed on the account.
You can still use a PIKEPASS Sticker. Contact the Customer Service Center at 1-800-745-3727 before and after your trip. If you did not make the class change on your account prior to traveling, you should stop at an attended toll booth on the turnpike(s). A toll collector can make the change for you for that (one way) trip. Another option is to pay the $25 fee for a Portable for the regular vehicle class, and we will not charge you the fee for the second one with the higher class for use when towing a trailer.
No. A PIKEPASS Portable must be used for motorcycles. PIKEPASS Stickers will only work properly when mounted on glass windshields. There is no fee for Portables used for motorcycles.


PIKEPASS use provides totally automated electronic tolling and non-stop turnpike travel. PIKEPASS customers receive an average 5% savings off the posted cash rate for tolls. In addition, PIKEPASS customers with 20 or more qualifying toll transactions per month, per PIKEPASS tag, receive an additional 5% credit to their accounts with our Volume Discount Program.
Every PIKEPASS must be associated with a vehicle license plate. You can have a PIKEPASS for every vehicle. An additional account replenishment amount will be required for every 5 PIKEPASSes, and if more than 15, the account replenish amount will be increased to that of a commercial account.
Yes. Just be sure the PIKEPASS is mounted correctly and not touching the other toll tag.
Not at this time. We understand some customers want to be able to use their PIKEPASS in other states and we will continue to work to provide this option in the future. Some PIKEPASSes can, however, be used at the Tulsa Airport for parking. Call 1-800-745-3727 for more information on this valuable service.

Account Information

You have three options:

  1. Make a payment online. Select Payment to process a credit/debit card transaction.
  2. Pay in person at one of the three Oklahoma City or Tulsa PIKEPASS stores. (cash, check, money order or credit/debit card)
  3. Call the Customer service Center during business hours at 1-800-745-3727 and make a credit card payment over the phone.
Existing customers may open an online account where you can update vehicle or account information, make payments, and other activities. You can elect to have statements sent to you via email which you can view, save and print at any time. This is a much more timely and convenient way to manage your account and receive statements. To get started simply click on “Home” at the top of this page and follow the instructions.
Call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-745-3727 during business hours to unlock your online account.

Violation Information

Follow the instructions that were sent with the toll evasion notice. If you still have questions, please call the PIKEPASS Enforcement Branch directly at 1-877-774-9569 (toll free).
Follow the instructions that were sent with the toll evasion notice or contact PIKEPASS Customer Service Center at 1-800-745-3727 for immediate assistance to resolve the problem.
For questions about OTA history, please click here
For questions about payment/dismiss violations, please click here
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