Board of Directors & Executive Staff

Board of Directors

Governor Mary Fallin Member Ex-Officio
Dana Weber Chairwoman
David A. Burrage Vice-Chairman
G. Carl Gibson Secretary/Treasurer
Kenneth Adams Member
Gene Love Member
Guy Berry Member

Executive Staff

Tim J. Gatz Executive Director
Alan Freeman Assistant Executive Director Finance and Administration
Joe Echelle Assistant Executive Director Maintenance, Engineering, & Construction
David Machamer Assistant Executive Director Pikepass and Toll
Julie Porter Comptroller
Wendy Smith Director of Finance and Revenue
Cheryl O’Rourke Director of Administrative Services
Mary Biswell Director of Toll Operations
Marcus Williams Director of PIKEPASS
Joni Seymour Director of Information Technology
Mark Kalka Director of Maintenance
Darian Butler Director of Engineering
Shawn Davis Director of Construction
Randy Lewis Chief Internal Auditor
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